Silver, Bass & Brams

A professional association attorneys at law

Civil and commercial litigation,
legal representation in business
and transactional matters

Silver, Bass & Brams’ knowledge and understanding of its clients’ needs are the keys to providing timely legal and business counsel that can transform challenges into opportunities in the litigation setting.

The fact that our lawyers repeatedly are called on to handle complex and important litigation speaks to our professionalism and competence. Our unwavering focus puts the client’s best interests first. The most successful outcome is one in which our client’s goals and objectives are met.

Silver, Bass & Brams is a transactional, civil trial and workers compensation defense practice that handles a variety of legal matters, ranging from personal injury to commercial litigation and real estate law. The firm represents business owners in a wide range of commercial litigation matters, from complex breach of contract cases to intellectual property and non-compete matters. The partners are experienced in all aspects of business and commercial transactions, representing clients in cases as diverse as mechanic’s lien issues, all phases on condominium and community association law, and employment matters.


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