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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers – What Do They do?

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  1. Workers’ Compensation Lawyers – What Do They Do?

Workers‘ compensation is a type of insurance carried by most employers in the US. Its purpose is two-fold: to protect employers from being sued by an injured employee and to also provide said employee with medical treatment, compensation for lost wages, rehabilitation, and remuneration for other inconveniences suffered as the direct result of an on-the-job injury.

While that makes it sound like your employer will do right by you in the event you’re hurt while on the clock, it doesn’t always work that way. Workers’ compensation lawyers stand up for the rights of employees who believe they have not been fairly compensated by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier, and/or other parties who may have been responsible for the injury as well.

  1. Is it worth getting a workers’ compensation lawyer?

In the fable of David and Goliath, diminutive David was able to defeat gargantuan Goliath by sheer wits and skill. In the 21st century, Goliath would have a team of lawyers with the legal acumen to prove that David somehow achieved his victory by unfair means.

While that’s a slight exaggeration, it’s not entirely inaccurate. An injured worker going up against their employee’s insurance carrier without backup is a recipe for a one-sided victory, and rest assured, it won’t be the employee‘s. Besides, when you’re hurting or can’t get around as easily as you once did, you’ll be in no shape to stand up for your rights adequately. A workers’ compensation attorney can give you the support you need when you need it most!




  1. What are the chances of winning a workers’ compensation case?

“Winning” may not be the right way to put it. Why? Because only a handful of workers’ compensation cases are actually tried in a courtroom. The vast majority will settle out of court, with both parties reaching a mutually agreed-upon settlement quietly and discreetly. While statistically less than 10% of workers’ compensation claims are denied, as an injured worker, your chances of getting a fair settlement decrease dramatically if you try to go it alone. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will advocate for your receipt of a fair and just compensation package, so you can get back on your feet, and get on with your life.

In West Palm Beach, FL, the law firm of Silver, Bass & Brams has successfully handled many workers’ compensation claims for people in a wide array of occupations. Call our office to discuss your case. Your initial consultation is free, and we don’t get paid until you get paid.

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