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Workers Compensation Attorney West Palm Beach, Florida

The Florida Workers Compensation Law is complex, and can be a nightmare for employers and injured workers alike. But the attorneys at Silver, Bass & Brams have the knowledge to guide you through your claim.

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We are your trusted workers’ compensation lawyer in Florida. With decades of experience representing both employers, insurance companies and injured workers, the litigators at Silver, Bass & Brams have handled every aspect of workers’ compensation matters, from the filing of claims and the claim review process to trying to argue in front of the appellate courts of Florida on workers compensation issues.

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you’re an employee who has suffered a work-related injury or illness. Unfortunately, employers or their insurance companies routinely refuse workers’ compensation claims, even when they’re legitimate, which leaves injured employees to face a complex system of appeals. Many applicants give up at that point, while others try their best to navigate the system independently. Hiring a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer will give you a better chance of getting the benefits that you deserve. Your lawyer will communicate with the compensation insurer on your behalf, gather the medical evidence supporting your claim, negotiate a reasonable settlement, and represent you at your hearing.

Given their extensive litigation experience, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams have successfully tried thousands of work-related compensation cases throughout Florida on numerous complex issues. They know how to give you the right advice and get the result you need when it comes to your worker’s compensation issue – whether you are an employer or were hurt on the job.

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