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A Full-Service Litigation Law Firm Serving Florida

Your Full-Service Litigation Law Firm for Tackling Florida Homeowners Insurance, Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation.

You have many options for a law firm. Silver, Bass & Brams is a full-service litigation law firm focusing on homeowner’s insurance claims, personal injury and workers’ compensation cases throughout the state of Florida.

The primary focus of the experienced legal team at Silver, Bass & Brams is to represent homeowners who have had a wrongfully denied or underpaid homeowners’ insurance claim, personal injury cases, and workers’ compensation matters. We are ready to provide you the compassionate counsel, aggressive legal representation and justice you deserve, no matter the issue. The attorneys at Silver, Bass & Brams represent the interests of their clients with integrity and assertiveness to produce the results they need.

Our experienced attorneys and staff pride ourselves on a personal service approach and accessibility to devote every resource needed to meet our clients’ legal needs. Our team of litigation attorneys carefully evaluates each circumstance to provide customized legal representation.

Who Are Silver, Bass & Brams?

Since it was founded in 2003, Silver, Bass & Brams has built a reputation of legal excellence. The fact that our lawyers are called on repeatedly to handle complex and important litigation speaks to our professionalism and competence. Our unwavering focus puts the client’s best interests first. 

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What Can We Do for You?

We’re proud to represent our clients in their time of greatest need. With Silver, Bass & Brams and their expertise as a full-service litigation law firm, you’ll find a team dedicated to your success. The most successful outcome is one in which our client’s goals and objectives are met.

We’ve earned the respect of fellow attorneys, judges, and clients all across Florida. In every case we undertake, we thoroughly examine all the details, build a comprehensive legal strategy, and execute to the highest degree of legal professionalism. 

Call Silver, Bass & Brams

Want to ensure a fair process and a just outcome? Call us before the other side has a chance to undercut your chance at justice. Be sure to hire a lawyer before you sign any documents that preclude future legal action.

Our South Florida attorneys will give you expert advice—what to say, what figures to give, what documents to provide. We also have our own network of specialists who will conduct fair and objective assessments to counter the unreasonable figures provided by your opponent’s representatives.

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When You Need Results, Call Silver, Bass & Brams

The best part? We don’t get paid until you get paid. You can rest easy knowing that our interests align with yours. Whether you need a roof leak lawyer to handle a burst pipe claim or an insurance lawyer to handle a storm damage claim, Silver, Bass & Brams is an experienced full-service litigation law firm that can help you navigate the legal system and fight the special interests.

The lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams serve all throughout the state of Florida. Contact us to receive a free consultation and move one step closer to an equitable solution.

A Full-Service Litigation Law Firm Focused on Serving You

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