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Dedicated Homeowners Insurance Attorneys Who Fight For You

Fighting with Your Insurance Company over Your Claim? Did They Deny Your Claim? Did They Underpay It?

Homeowners Insurance Companies Have Lawyers and Experts on Their Side.


The lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams, P.A. know how to fight back. We can help you battle penny-pinching insurance companies so that you receive a fair claims settlement—and we do so free of charge to you. We get paid when YOU get paid.

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Why Choose Silver, Bass & Brams?

For years, the insurance claim lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams represented insurance companies that routinely denied the claims of innocent homeowners. We know the strategies they use and the tricks they rely on to rob ordinary people of their rightful insurance payouts.

Now, we’re taking our insider knowledge and putting it at your disposal. We have the experience and the expertise to take on the big insurance companies and fight for your interests. We know how to get homeowners the money to which they are entitled.

All you need to do is call to receive a free initial consultation.

Dealing with your Homeowners Insurance Company?

You purchase home insurance because you want to protect the value of your property from loss or damage. You add on theft and burglary insurance for additional security. Peace of mind comes at the price of hefty monthly premiums. 

Should disaster strike, you expect your insurance provider to reimburse you for the losses—but what if they undercut your claim or even deny it outright?

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You Have the Right to a Just Claims Settlement

You pay your premiums. The insurance company should pay you when disaster strikes. That’s what you expect when you sign on the dotted line and agree to purchase property coverage. It’s a reasonable expectation. If only insurance companies put your interests on par with their profits. If only they dealt fairly, openly, and honestly.

They rarely do. Instead, they devote substantial resources to minimizing their losses. They hire lawyers and claims adjustors who work hard to undermine your claim. They’ll conduct a detailed inspection of your property. They’ll ask questions. They’ll demand documents and figures. They’ll find reasons to undercut the final figure and reduce the payout.

What you say and do at this point can and will be used against you when the insurance representative hands down a final decision. Give an inaccurate figure, hand over outdated information, or make the wrong statement, and they could lower your claim amount even more.

Put simply, the claims process is not a mere formality. It’s a battle. It comes with no pre-determined outcome. Wise homeowners never leave the result to chance or to the good faith of the insurance company. If you want to receive your fair share of an insurance payout, you need to fight for it.

Meeting With Insurance Claim Lawyers

Why You Need the Help of Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers.

It happens more often than you might think. Homeowners insurance companies go to great lengths to avoid paying full claim amounts. They hire lawyers and claims adjusters, and all of them find ways to minimize the company’s losses while undervaluing your claims. 

In order to level the playing field, you’re in need of a home insurance claims litigation law firm that can help you stand your ground. The experts at Silver, Bass & Brams can help.

Our South Florida Home Insurance Lawyers Can Help

Don’t fight your insurance battle alone. Insurance companies have extensive resources and years of practice. They have the advantage when it comes to time, money, and knowledge. Want to level the playing field? You, too, need advice, experience, and expertise in your corner. You need the seasoned lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams.

We’ll work closely with you to represent your interests. We’ll listen to your story, offer expert advice, conduct our own research, and fight to make insurance companies hand over the money that rightfully belongs to you.

Our statewide network of engineers, water dry-out providers, and other experts will assist you by providing honest assessments of the damage to counteract the lowball estimates provided by self-interested insurance companies. You’ve paid dearly for peace of mind.

Now, it’s time for the insurance company to pay you.

Types of Insurance Claim Assistance We Handle

The attorneys at Silver, Bass & Brams deal with all types of home insurance cases. We help clients get a fair settlement, whether they’re facing burst pipe claims or hurricane damage. Our practice covers:

Providing Expert Legal Representation to the South Florida Area

Has your home suffered water damage? Has a hurricane or tropical storm ravaged your property? Have you been the victim of fire, theft, vandalism, roof leaks, or plumbing disasters? You need the services of a South Florida claim dispute lawyer.

Call the experienced attorneys at Silver, Bass & Brams immediately to get you the money you deserve. Our practice serves the area from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach to Vero Beach. We have the skill and knowledge you need to wrestle a fair settlement from tight-fisted insurance companies.

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Don’t let a denied insurance claim jeopardize your financial future. Call us before filing an insurance claim to minimize the risk and prevent the insurance company from unfairly dismissing your claim.

Vandalism / Theft

Windstorm & Hurricanes

Mold Damage