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Personal Injury Attorney West Palm Beach, FL

You or a loved one have been injured. Was it a car accident? A slip and fall? A large truck cut you off in traffic?
Who can you turn to for help?

We have the experience you need!

The auto accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys at Silver, Bass & Brams have the experience you need to get you the justice you deserve. They have handled thousands of slip and fall, car accidents, auto/motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, hit and run, wrongful death, motorcycle/bike accidents and other negligence cases throughout Florida.

For decades, the lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams handled personal injury cases for the insurance companies. But they have taken that knowledge and experience and turned it to representing individuals against big insurance. They know the insurance companys’ playbook and tricks, and are ready too use that knowledge to fight for the money you deserve.

Personal Injury Attorneys

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If you or a loved one has been injured because of the negligence or carelessness of another, contact the lawyers of Silver, Bass & Brams, immediately to protect your rights and fight justice for you!

Backed by decades of expertise in Personal injury law

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams can help you get the money you need to pay the bills after an injury. Our team has decades of knowledge and expertise in every area of personal injury and will take the time to help you understand your legal rights and make sure to maximize the compensation you deserve.

Call the attorneys at Silver, Bass & Brams to schedule a free consultation. Don’t be a victim! Fight back. The insurance companies have armies of lawyers ready to make sure you don’t get a thing. Call the lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams to bring the battle the insurance companies and get you the compensation and justice you have a right to!