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Plumbing Leaks Damage Claims

Did you come home from work or wake up in the morning to find that a plumbing leak created a flood in your home?

Where did all that water come from?

Most plumbing issues are minor in nature—but occasionally a severe problem develops that leads to serious property damage and financial losses. Without warning, a pipe can burst and spray gallons of water against your walls, onto the flooring, and all over your valuables. Even a small leak can cause major havoc, especially if it goes undetected for too long. In the worst case scenario, your plumbing goes awry while you’re away from home for an extended period of time, causing massive damage when no one is around to help. If you have a plumbing leak or pipe burst claim and your insurance company isn’t willing to pay out, contact the property damage lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams.

plumbing leaks damage

Water damage claims associated with plumbing malfunctions can cover a variety of different types of property damage.

Pipe Burst

If your pipes have burst, these will need to be replaced, often at considerable expense. In many cases, the piping is in hard-to-reach areas, and it will be necessary to tear away walls or flooring to make the needed repairs.

Carpet & Floor Damage

Water can wreak havoc on your carpets and flooring. Furthermore, lingering moisture is a breeding ground for toxic mold. Sometimes this fungal growth flourishes in hidden areas for years, potentially triggering serious health complications for household residents.

Electronics & Other Damages

Books, electronic gear, and other valuables tend to sustain major damage when they encounter water. Often, the process of replacing these belongings is quite expensive and time-consuming.

Was your insurance claim denied? Fight Back!

To make matters worse, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to endure the hassle of a denied insurance claim. Insurers can be quite adept at finding excuses to avoid honoring your claim or paying out the full amount to which you are entitled. When that happens, you need an insurance claim lawyer who will fight for you and secure the compensation you deserve. Since 2003, the team of property damage lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams, P.A., has offered insurance claim help to clients throughout Florida.

If you feel your insurance company isn’t offering enough money for your burst pipe claim or other plumbing issue, you don’t have to suffer in silence. As a full-service litigation firm, we have years of experience with denied insurance claims, and we understand what must be done to increase your chances of success. Please contact us at your earliest convenience for a FREE consultation.