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Vandalism and Theft
Insurance Claims

You know the old saying — your home is your castle. Imagine how you feel when it has been vandalized, or the safety of your family and loved ones has been threatened by a theft.

Thankfully, you think, you have insurance coverage to repair the broken windows and doors, ripped up floors, torn walls, destruction of electrical wires, stolen copper pipes and air conditioning unit, not to mention replace the expensive valuables that have been taken.

You call your insurance company to report the claim. Now is when you need them the most. They would be there for you… you’d be in good hands… they were like a good neighbor. But now they are offering you pennies for your losses, or totally denying your claim. And they have a team of lawyers and experts to help them deny you the help you need. You should have an aggressive team of lawyers on your side, too. FIGHT BACK! Call the aggressive lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams .

We'll fight back for you!

The theft insurance lawyers at Silver, Bass & Brams, are the aggressive attorneys and litigators you need to fight back. And they do so free of charge to you. They get paid when YOU get paid.

For years, Silver, Bass & Brams represented the insurance companies. But now they have taken their knowledge of the strategies used by the insurance companies to wrongfully deny and underpay vandalism and theft claims to fight back, and get homeowners the money they are entitled to. You pay your premiums. The insurance company should pay you. Silver, Bass & Brams will fight for you to make them pay. They have a statewide network of trusted experts to assist you in your claim and get you the coverage that you have paid for, and the sanctity of your home back

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